Thursday, October 18, 2012

The King's Shadow

The King's Shadow is the working title for an RPG that I'll be making. As of now, the game will be in a first person view, and will not feature exp or levels, as you will instead upgrade equipment to gain skills. The game type will be more along the fantasy design of things. If you are interested, I do have a legend that was made a while ago, that I'm using for this game:

When the world was born, it was nothing more than a barren desert filled with fire and darkness. then came the goddesses, whom looked at our world, and took pity on it. The goddess Croluva, who was the wisest, started by gifting the world with water, which quenched the never ending fires. The goddess Piriue, who was the strongest, came next, and gave the world the sky, which cast out all of the darkness. The goddess Hoelmeth, whom was the most gracefull, came last, and gifted the world with life, so that it may fill those barren lands.

For many years, the three goddesses lived among their creations, and life was peaceful. Then one day, there sister goddess Yuobi, who was bent on destroying all of her sisters' works, came to the planet and saw what her sisters had done. Jealous, Yuobi went to the farthest reaches of the world, and gathered together all she could. She managed to gather together all of  the elements which had been the world in the first place: fore, desert, and shadows. When she had them all in one spot, she gifted them life, and so created the Heklurs.

With a horde of these monsters on her side, she waged a blasphemous war against her sisters, and very nearly succeed in undoing her sister's work. Only by sacrificing their mortal frames were the goddesses able to kill Yuobi, who sealed herself in her medallion. The goddesses' followers sealed the medallion in the city of Willows. In return for their help in sealing Yuobi, the goddesses named one of them to rule in their name, and sealed themselves with the medallion so that they may guard over it for all eternity. Centuries have passed since then...